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WordPress for iPhone releases source, potentially violates iPhone NDA?

Popular blogging platform WordPress might be headed for a showdown with Apple. The other day, when the WordPress for iPhone App was released, I was curious about the “Open Source” proclamation at the top of its non-App-Store webpage. I clicked … Continue reading

Apple's way or the highway: iPhone SDK agreement specifically forbids real-time route guidance

GPS maker TomTom may already have their software working on the iPhone, but that doesn’t mean Apple is going to let them release it through the iPhone App Store. Sharp BBG readers pointed out Section 3.3.7 (dev account needed) of … Continue reading

Peggle for iPhone Confirmed

Among a mostly bullshit press release from Apple this morning about 100,000 copies of the iPhone SDK having made their way to developers’ computers, perhaps the most important announcement in mobile gaming since Dope Wars was ported to my old … Continue reading

Is the iPhone the Next Wii?

Of all the software demonstrated at the iPhone SDK launch yesterday, nothing was more compelling to me than the games. With the addition of the iTunes App Store which will allow iPhone users to purchase and install third-party applications right … Continue reading

Rumor: Apple Will Vet iPhone/Touch Applications

iLounge spoke to sources familiar with the upcoming iPhone/iPod Touch software development kit, who explained that not only would Apple be distributing all third-party applications through iTunes (bad enough) they’ll also be approving which applications are allowed to be sold … Continue reading