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Free Halloween skin for Shuttle KPC owners

Shuttle, maker of attractive and reasonably-priced shoebox PCs like the K45, has a free Halloween costume for skinnable models. All they want is your address and serial number, and it’ll be sent off in about a week, assuming you get … Continue reading

Oregon Scientific Portable UV monitor

Being fair-skinned, my time outdoors is usually done from inside a thin candy shell of sunscreen and sweat. Even that rarely protects me from sunburns, as my skin has a charming tendency to withstand sunlight for hours, then go from … Continue reading

Zeno: Electric Zit Zapping

Celia writes: As my coworker reading the magazine we saw the ad in (Cosmo Girl, to be exact) said, “It looks like an MP3 player, but it’s for treating zits.” It’s a heat-based anti-acne treatment, which as scares me a … Continue reading