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Brando SpyCam masquerades as a phone

Sometimes the best place to hide something is in plain site. (I said as I opened my trenchcoat.) That’s the theory behind this camera set from Brando, which puts its lens inside a clip-on Bluetooth headset designed to be worn … Continue reading

Use This Picture Frame to Spy on Your English Wife

Oh, this is shady: a picture frame with a built-in microphone and a GSM phone. Call into the number assigned to the picture frame’s SIM and listen in at any time, with stand-by time of up to two weeks. It’s … Continue reading

Gallery of Homemade Bombs, Spy Gear, and Police Technology

Wired’s Dave Bullock shot two amazing galleries at the Homeland Security Stakeholders SI Conference*: Homemade bombs and spy and police gear. Almost every picture (with ample captions) is a winner, but I love this Remington R1, a wireless camera designed … Continue reading

Spy Cam Hidden Inside Retro Calculator

While hidden cameras are as old as the hills (at least hills made in the last century or so), there is something especially insidious about this one, stashed as it is inside the pleasantly innocent printing calculator. I think what … Continue reading

Gum-Sized Micro-Camcorder

Any time a gadget is sold as a “spy” device you know you’ll be paying a huge premium for something relatively inexpensive. Don’t buy this “Micro-Camcorder” from this store, I’m saying—it’s not worth $300. But it is a cute little … Continue reading

Spy Sunglasses Take Another Stab at Hidden Video

These sunglasses, said to have an embedded camera wired inside, may be the best looking set of surreptitious spy glasses yet. The thick frame sunglasses that are en vogue these days really are perfect for embedding cameras, perhaps even with … Continue reading