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HP's cheapie tablet is no Apple-killer

People keep saying that HP’s $250 tablet PC has beaten Apple to the market. This isn’t a sensible comparison: Apple’s tablet will be a real computer, appealing to a different sort of consumer, whereas HP’s is only a few rungs … Continue reading

Mystery Mid looks like iTablet of 2007

Check out this Android MID, from an unidentified source. It’s remarkable because it’s basically the iTablet of every crap mockup you ever saw: a reminder that the real thing, when it comes, is likely to have something unexpected and new … Continue reading

CrunchPad prototype looks awesome

This is the pic that explains why this thing is going to be hot. From TechCrunch: [We] have just about nailed down the final design for the device. We’re showing the conceptual drawings here today. In another few weeks we’ll … Continue reading

Eee 701 modded into swank tablet netbook

Over at the Mobile01 forums, user design529 hasn’t just installed a touchscreen in his Asus Eee PC 701… he’s fully converted it into a tablet with a custom chassis that weighs half a pound less than the original netbook. It’ll … Continue reading

Acer Aspire One modded into touchscreen UMPC

A ToDo forum member has crafted himself a rather lovely UMPC tablet by gutting an Acer Aspire One of its keyboard and trackpad, installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it, flipping the screen around and inserting a touchscreen panel. Thanks to … Continue reading

Fujitsu perfects the 12-inch tablet, at least on paper

Fujitsu Siemens’ ST6012 Tablet PC has the acrylicy resolve characteristic of all its products; FS is all about quality products drained of cool by its cubicle-ready design instincts. The ST6012 has a 12-inch 1280×800 pixel display, 2GB of RAM, a … Continue reading

New lightweight 13.3 convertible tablets from Fujitsu

Fujitsu’s Lifebook T1010 tablet PC and T5010 both have 13.3″ displays. They’re both lightweight, too, leaving 5lb-ish craters wherever they may land. While the $1,800 T5010 is a business box aimed at security-minded types – “remote management on a chip” … Continue reading

Innolux gets news Apple touch panel order

According to a Digitimes report yesterday, Taiwanese display manufacturer Innolux has secured a secret order for touch panels from Apple, with shipments slated to begin “soon.” Arching far back on its heels, thumbing its suspenders and whistling, “No comment!” says … Continue reading

Star Trek inches closer to reality with Albatron Mini-Tablet brings

A tiny, featherweight design makes Albatron’s miniature tablet stand out–it’s perfect for looking busy in your ready room to get away from that bearded lothario on the bridge. The compromise? It’s running Windows CE at 800×480. An SD card slot, … Continue reading