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Colgate Wisp disposable toothbrush

Behold the new Colgate Wisp, a disposable toothbrush for on the go hygiene. They’re pretty much like the travel toothbrushes available in truck stops for ages, with the toothpaste inside the handle, but in a more attractive packaging complete with … Continue reading

DotDrops: Lite-Brite luggage (without the light)

One of the best things I ever did to ease my travel pains was to buy a shiny silver carry on bag. It’s not fancy — or at least not expensive — but on the rare occasion I have to … Continue reading

Japanese fingerprint scanner defeated by "special tape" on fingers

From SMH: Japan spent more than Y4 billion ($A64 million) to install the system, which reads the index fingerprints of visitors and instantly cross-checks them with a database of international fugitives and foreigners with deportation records, the Yomiuri Shimbun said. … Continue reading

MiniMotel makes airport campouts possible, still awkward

The MiniMotel is a tiny, fold-up tent with everything you need to camp out in an airport or other transit station, including an inflatable air mattress, alarm clock, reading light, toothbrush and paste, and even earplugs. Everything folds up into … Continue reading

TravelRest inflatable travel pillow

The “TravelRest” is billed as the “ultimate travel pillow” — clearly hyperbole, as the ultimate travel pillow is the soft shoulder of your preferred companion. (Unless that companion is a robot, in which case I would suggest the Nzzle Touch … Continue reading

Traveler's travails, including a poor experience with the ATP PhotoFinder

Matt Gross is finishing up his Grand Tour of Europe for the Times and is reflecting on how well his tech has worked on the way. His biggest challenge hasn’t been finding an internet connection — it has been finding … Continue reading

Travelers' toys have to be small, light ... and cheap

Reg Hardware’s Cliff Joseph offers his roundup of gadgets of use to traveling types. Here’s just a few of his choices: 1. Flip Ultra 2. Freeplay solar wind-up radio … 7. Oregon Scientific Action Cam ATC3K 9. Sennheiser PXC 300 … Continue reading

World's *est: Project Genesis Oasis-class cruise liner

Sure to cause waves to lap on the world’s shores when she’s launched next year, Royal Caribbean’s “Project Genesis” cruise liner will be the world’s largest. Her stats are appropriately titanic: • Cost: $1.24 billion dollars. • Bigger Than: 43 … Continue reading

Uncle Walt reviews in-flight Wi-Fi from GoGo

The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg hauled several laptops and mobile gadgets onto a jet kitted out with Aircell’s GoGo in-flight Wi-Fi service. Speeds weren’t miraculous — 600Kbps down, 400Kbps up — and that bandwidth will be shared among all … Continue reading

Balanzza travel scale for frequent fliers

The new “Balanzza” travel scale is designed to assist travelers by making pre-flight weight checks less of an exercise in surprise. Even better, the press release for the $25 gadget included this handy chart. I updated the information for JetBlue … Continue reading