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Tron-Watch '09: LED Handrails

A concept by Croatian designer Zoran Sunjic, these LED handrails could help light dark stairways to prevent commuter spills, tumbles, or muggings. Should these handrails ever see the light of day (har), I trust they’ll be available in teal or … Continue reading

Tron-Watch '09: Blue-Green LEDS!

Behold, the Cobra XRS R10G radar detector. The design should look sort of familiar — it’s copping Tron. Maybe not as much as this concept bike we spotted, but close enough, no? [via Wired]

Tron Turquoise Is The New Black

With Tron Legacy set to debut in 2010, don’t be surprised if turquoise and, more specifically, turquoise LED strips get slapped onto anything and everything. Exhibit A: The Pulse, a concept fixed-gear with electric turn signals and a luminescent frame… … Continue reading

Video: Tron, Astro Boy & Cloudy w/Chance of Meatballs

Wired is hosting a special Cafe at Comic-Con, where I’ve been interviewing some pretty fun folks in film and TV, including Kristen Bell of Astro Boy, Tron Legacy’s Olivia Wilde, and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs co-directors Phil Lord … Continue reading

The Master Control Program is taking over YOUR Atari® 2600

When I was a child, I somewhat of expected my house to look like this by 2009. [via]

Video: Tron + Depeche Mode

[via bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre]

The real-life escape of a Tron lightcycle AI into Apple's MCP

Everyone remembers the scene in Tron in which Jeff Bridges, forced to take part in a gladiatorial lightcycle race, drives through an opening smashed into the light cycle arena’s wall by a pixelaciously kablooied foe and escapes into the larger … Continue reading

The Deus Ex Machina: cool but totally stupid wearable motorcycle exoskelton concept

Beyond the Tron-esque wireframe landscape, invisible barking dogs and eyeteeth-aching techno soundtrack, this conceptual video for a wearable, mech-style motorcycle is pretty cool, until you take a moment to consider motorcycle accidents in which the rider, instead of merely taking … Continue reading

TRON Sequel Given Green, Pulsing Light

It’s taken 25 years, but Disney’s classic TRON looks like it’s a go for sequel. Rather than joining the rest of the internerd in giddy shrieking, I have an honest-to-god question: Has anyone played that TRON 2.0 first person shooter? … Continue reading