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Nokia finally unveils the 'Tube', rechristened the Xpress Music 5880

After a year of rumor, speculation and occasional media appearances in films like The Dark Knight, Nokia has finally made their “Tube” iPhone challenging touchscreen smartphone official, albeit under a far less memorable name: the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. The … Continue reading

Nokia "Tube" launches Oct. 2

Reuters reports that Nokia’s Tube phone will be seen next Thursday. The Finns’ iClone will get its marketing baptism at a party in London. “There is a lot of pressure on Nokia,” it quotes a Gartner analyst as saying. Photo: … Continue reading

Nokia Still Growing Their Own iPhone

Ever since the iPhone’s release last June, Nokia has adhered to a well-formulated response strategy: pantomimed yawning, fingernail cleaning and loud theatrical humming. In short, the exact strategy I use to dissuade poltergeists from sliming the house with ectoplasm: I … Continue reading