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TMBG: "Electric Car, The New Machine"

They Might Be Giants’ new kid’s album “Here Comes Science” features this catchy, pro-EV ditty. I’m not a parent, but I’ll admit I’m digging this…

Kodak Zi8: "much to love, little to gripe about"

I reviewed the Kodak Zi8 for Wired and found it to be a solid little handicam. From my review: Inside and out, the Zi8 is brimming with upgrades (1080p) and little touches (a legit microphone jack!) that set a new … Continue reading

Sputnik: Videos of Interconnected Ideas, Thinkers

Info architect Jonathan Harris explains his latest work, which launched today: The central premise of the Sputnik project is that everything is connected to everything else, and that topics and ideas that may seem fringe and even heretical to the … Continue reading

Video Update: My garden is coming along (iPhone 3GS Video comparison)

Except for some habanero peppers and some sugar snap peas that don’t seem to want to thrive, my garden is doing quite nicely. It’s been a joy to have space to work on it. I shot this vid with the … Continue reading

VIDEO: "Buzz Aldrin is so gangsta"

Making of Buzz Aldrin’s Rocket Experience w/ Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli from Buzz Aldrin I actually teared up at the end. [via @jennydeluxe]

HOWTO: Assemble A Mobile Office

I dropped by Wired to review some outdoor gear for working remotely, including a tandem bicycle.

Video: Palm Pre's Touchstone dock's amazing grip

Whether it uses carbon nanotubes to mimic geckos’ feet or not, there’s no doubt that the surface of the Palm Pre’s inductive Touchstone charger is really, really impressive. It’s doesn’t feel gummy or tacky, either. Previously ⌦ Gecko-inspired glue ⌦ … Continue reading

Video: Palm Pre Unboxing (I know!)

If I ever needed a reminder of my place on the totem pole, Palm was happy to provide one. I just got my Pre review unit in the mail today. If you recall, all the big sites reviews went up … Continue reading

Video: RX-7 loses all four wheels

According to Jalopnik, this is a classic video, but I haven’t seen it, just like I haven’t seen a functional RX-7 in years. (And the RX-8 just reminds me how pretty the RX-7 was.)

Video Gallery: Big Surf Wipeouts Are Gnarly

I wipe out on 3-5 ft waves often. It sucks. But I cannot even begin to imagine what a wipeout of this magnitude feels like. After the jump, more crushing spills…