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Great Byte Hope: Visualizing Gordon Bell's Bits

I interviewed Microsoft researcher Gordon Bell for Wired’s September issue. We chatted for several hours about his new book Total Recall and his project to capture and catalog much of his life in digital form. From my story: Since 2001, … Continue reading

Hands On w/HTC's myTouch

I dropped by Wired to talk about HTC’s latest Android phone. Previously: HTC's latest Android phone, the Hero A few days with the HTC Touch Pro 2 HTC: Our new phone will be better than the Palm Pre – Boing … Continue reading

Kodak Zi8: "much to love, little to gripe about"

I reviewed the Kodak Zi8 for Wired and found it to be a solid little handicam. From my review: Inside and out, the Zi8 is brimming with upgrades (1080p) and little touches (a legit microphone jack!) that set a new … Continue reading

"About as annoying to handle as a wet diaper"

Giant’s latest folding bike, the Clip, is uniquely handsome. It has decent components. It folds relatively quickly/easily. It even rides smoothly. My one complaint? From my full review over at Wired.com: The little “D” above the fork seems like a … Continue reading

Stargate Babes Do Chewbacca

Check out Stargate cast members, Alaina Kalanj, Elyse Levesque and Ming-Na doing their best Chewie impersonations. The footage is from an interview the actresses gave to Wired at Comic-Con. The editing is compliments of my pal Fernando Cardoso. Can you … Continue reading

Video: Tron, Astro Boy & Cloudy w/Chance of Meatballs

Wired is hosting a special Cafe at Comic-Con, where I’ve been interviewing some pretty fun folks in film and TV, including Kristen Bell of Astro Boy, Tron Legacy’s Olivia Wilde, and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs co-directors Phil Lord … Continue reading

HOWTO: Balance Your Media Diet

Here’s my contribution to Wired’s August issue. Titled “Behave Yourself,” the cover package features all kinds of netiquette tips and advice for 21st-century living. Oh, and I should probably mention Brad Pitt is on the cover, wearing a Bluetooth headset. … Continue reading

Smartphone guide keeps it simple

Wired’s guide to buying a smartphone is nice and straightforward. Send it to the people you know need it. [Gadget Lab]

Welcome, Wired. We call this land "Internet"

Here’s the problem with Wired: They think print matters. Background: Stephanie Clifford warns that Wired may be about to die. Ad sales are down 50%, putting it just above Power and Motoryacht at the bottom of Condé Nast’s portfolio of … Continue reading

Wired slams Vaio P

Following positive write-ups from others, Wired’s Brian X. Chen takes a more skeptical approach to Sony’s Vaio P. It’s a far more capable device than most netbooks, which justifies its price (twice that of most netbooks), Sony officials say. And … Continue reading