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Rumor: Dell shelving Zing MP3 player prototypes indefinitely

The earlier rumors of Dell launching a new MP3 player called Zing were surprisingly intriguing: a new DAP with the ability to download MP3s over WiFi and share them with other PCs and phones. More Zunish than iPod-like. I was … Continue reading

Dell's Zing will challenge iTunes with a coalition of the willing

So far, Dell’s plans for its new Zing buy out have been DAP pedestrian: a new line of iPod killers to sink into the morass of indistinguishable, non-iPod MP3 players. But according to a new story in Business Week, we … Continue reading

Zing: Dell's new MP3 player

A piece in today’s Wall Street Journal suggests that Dell might be looking to jump back into the MP3 player game with a new DAP running the Zing firmware they acquired last year. You would be able to download MP3s … Continue reading

Zing! spoon tries to perfect the art of food catapulting

A spoon designed for food flinging. At $9.95, a wonderful idea, right? But look at that piece of broccoli. On a regular spoon, the catapult would snap to a halt thanks to the rigidity of the handle. But when you … Continue reading